2016 Year in Review - Weddings

2016! Woo! I had the privilege of witnessing and photographing the inception of 26 marriages. After sorting though thousands (and thousands and thousands) of images, I've collected my favorites.  These 168 favorite photos encompass my style of documentation and photography.  I strive to artistically capture moments.  I discovered of the 168 photos here, only 7 involve the subject looking into the camera.  And I like that.  While I'm happy to get your traditional portrait (and I always do because usually the grandparents like those photos the best), I especially love capturing true interaction in transient moments. These are the photos of which I am most proud.  Years and years from now, I want you (and your little ones and grand little ones) to look at your wedding photos and be taken back to those moments and feelings.  I want you to remember the anticipation you had as you got in your wedding dress, the fun you had hanging with your best friends, the way your heart was beating out of your chest as you watched your bride walk down the aisle, the spiritual high you felt as you made this huge covenant to another person, and the joy you experienced being surrounded by your closet friends and family.  That is my goal as your wedding photographer.  Let me turn your moments into art.  

SO! That all being said, enjoy my favorite wedding moments of 2016.