Tayler + Sean | Evergreen, Colorado Anniversary

My blog has been quiet recently simply because it's the slow season.  Understandably, not many people want to get engagement photos done in February or early March.  Consequently, I'm spending time catching up on paperwork (#taxes), e-mailing like a madwoman, and spending some quality time relaxing before wedding season hits.  To break up this blog hiatus, I want to share one of my favorite shoots from 2016.   Ryan had a work conference in Denver, Colorado in October and because I work for myself and make my own schedule, I decided to tag along.  Flexibility for travel is one of the major benefits of working from home :) A few days before we left, I found Tayler on Instagram (she's a super talented Colorado wedding photographer... check her out!) and asked if she and her husband would be my models for a lifestyle sesh.  Tayler and Sean loved each other without restraint on the cliffs overlooking a bajillion evergreen trees and it was a joy to capture.