Nicole + Tyler Engagement

Nicole and Tyler braved the wind this past weekend in downtown Lancaster for their engagement photos.  They are a super friendly couple who are clearly very comfortable and at ease with each other.  When they wanted to change into new outfits, Nicole asked me, "Do you mind taking a couple photographs of some coffee mugs with our initials?" UM, I LOVE THAT STUFF.  The mugs were from Anthropoligie so it was delightful.  And naturally, I snagged some other mementos Tyler had in his apartment.  We first went to the iron bridge behind Tyler's downtown apartment and then we ventured elsewhere in the city including the Pressroom courtyard, Central Market, Rachel's Creperie, Commonwealth on Queen, and the Prince Street Garage (only the most photographed parking garage in Lancaster). These two will be getting married next June 27th at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill.  Their vintage-themed, detail-orientated wedding will be a photographer's dream.