Green Smoothie Snow Day

This winter season, Lancaster has just been bombarded with snow.  This morning I woke up to 8 inches of snow (and counting) and decided that if I'm going to be snowed in, I may as well be productive and cross some things off my To-Do List!  And what better way to start a productive day than with a super nutritious and delicious (RHYME! ... unintentional) green smoothie?! 

I always use a NutriBullet when I make these smoothies.  They say that the NutriBullet is better than a juicer or a blender because it completely extracts and breaks down the ingredients to their most healthy and absorptive state.  I'm not the biggest fan of green vegetables (really all vegetables in general, let's be honest) so I always put a handful of spinach in my mix.  One of the best things about these smoothies is that you can put nearly ANYTHING you want in them including various fruits, pumpkin seeds, cashews, kale, avocado, beets, oatmeal, and so forth. For today's smoothie, I used spinach, strawberries, mango, pineapple, blueberries, orange juice, and Unjury Medical Quality Protein.  In an effort to pretend it's summer, I added a whimsical touch to my finished product :)