Behind the Scenes with Sarah (and Ryan!) 2015

2015 for Sarah Brookhart Photography was great! A year of growing, learning, and refining my skill as a photographer and business owner.  More on this to come in a "Favorites of 2015" blog post... Stay tuned!  But for now, here are some of my favorite "behind-the-scenes" shots from this year. I am thankful to have worked with some incredibly helpful and talented second shooters and assistants including Katie Schmitt, Jenna Brianne, and my husband, Ryan.   

Taking a yawn break mid-reception :) 

Ryan chatting with one of my former grooms. 

I'm so happy I have a handsome (and willing) husband for testing out light and locations. 

When you solo shoot a wedding, you have to take "behind the scenes" shots via mirrors ;) 

Below I'm standing with 5 current and former Sarah Brookhart Photography Brides! The power of word-of-mouth is strong.  I've been so blessed to work with amazing clients. 

The second rainiest wedding I've shot (thus far).  Our clothes were DRENCHED. 

My oh-so-attractive face saying, "Ryan, stand over here." 

The veil toss takes skill. 

While the guests are eating dinner and you see a good wall with some good light, you just gotta have your own mini shoot. 

It is not uncommon for us to join in on the dancing. 

Orchestrating people is half the job.