Brianna + Justin Anniversary

          Brianna and Justin celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this month! Brianna is a super talented photographer (check her out here!) so she appreciates the notion of documenting significant moments.  Bri and Justin photographed my wedding this summer so I was super excited when she asked me to photography their love as well!  
          These two plan to continue to have professional portraits taken for each of their future anniversaries which is a great idea (and I'm probably gonna do it too, okay Ryan?).   I've only been married for about 4ish months myself, but I've already learned a ton about the covenant of marriage and how to choose to love someone day in and day out.  With photos celebrating their marriage every year, they have a visual representation of another year of learning and loving in the books.  So people... professional photos are not just for your wedding or a family photo.  Invest in them to commemorate the significance of life's other milestones as well.  
                                          Hair and makeup by The Bonafide Ginger