Maggie + Michael | Spring Grove Farm Engagement

When I was young, I really wanted to live on a farm. I imagined myself in overalls and braids collecting eggs from chickens and frolicking through the fields.  (Part of me still has this dream, who am I kidding?!) I got to live a little of this at Maggie and Michael's engagement session on her family's farm in Spring Grove, PA.  Maggie wanted her cow, Sandie, to participate on the photo shoot and I happily obliged. She's a beautiful brown cow and she'll be wearing a floral wreath at their wedding in October.  My husband, Ryan, also came along to assist and snapped a few shots, some of which are my favorite from the whole session. Jeez louise, he's getting good.  When our time together was done, Maggie and Michael gave us a carton of eggs from their chickens and I made cookies when I got home.  Hooray for a farm day!