Becca at Cunningham Falls

Becca, a photographer friend of mine, and I met up at Cunningham Falls in Thurmont, Maryland for a just-for-fun adventure shoot.  We trudged through the snow in our not-meant-for-snow boots and took turns photographing each other in this winter wonderland.  Sometimes at weddings or portrait sessions, I get super giddy about wonderful light and I probably look pretty silly.  But I'm so appreciative to have photographer friends who totally know what I mean and get completely pumped alongside me.  

Becca is an up-and-coming Central PA photographer and I look forward to have her second-shoot some weddings with me this year :) 


For all my photographer friends... I wanted to share this shot before and after using the Tribe Archipelago LXC preset (with some tweaks, of course).  With the overcast sky and snow covered ground, there was a blue tint on the photos.  I used this preset to add some warmth to the image :)